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  • Where is Cambodia located?
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About Cambodia

Preparations to Cambodia

How to prepare?

Don't forget to prepare and to make plan before your journey. In this section you can find answers to practical issues like:

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Destinations in Cambodia

Where to Visit in Cambodia?

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Accommodation in Cambodia

Where to stay in Cambodia?

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What is your Destination?
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In Siem Reap the mixture of French colonialism, Khmer tradition, Angkorian history, modern services, and Cambodian good spirits is basically unlimited.
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Battambang designates both the city and the province that is under its jurisdiction, and is one of the most interesting and attractive destinations in the entire country.
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You'll have to split your time between visiting historical sites, spending time in local wats, or having cocktails in many of Phnom Penh's superb bars.
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In the south coast there are three types of attractions: the beautiful white beaches, the tropical islands close to mainland, and the Khmer local culture.