Accommodation in Battambang: Villas and Small Hotels

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The accommodation solutions in Battambang are neither as diverse nor as appealing as they are in Phnom Penh, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a very reasonable, if not attractive, place to spend your holiday in. Browsing online for hotels in this city, you’ll soon remark a few names which keep showing up. This can mislead you, giving you the impression that you won’t be able to find a proper spot to sleep and eat well. This is false.

You need to partly leave aside the financial factor for now. In Battambang, in almost all of cases, it wouldn’t be truly appropriate to decide strictly according to the number of stars or to costs. It’s preferable to consider them guiding elements in your decision. Here’s what you need to look for:

  • Air-con – This is a must if you have the slightest problem with the temperature and air humidity. It’s also very important between March and September (during the wet and hot season).
  • Restaurant and bar – Very comfortable if you like to alternate between trips and hotel services.
  • Massage and swimming pool – It’s much more convenient to have these services close to you. And it can be cheaper.
  • Free Wi-Fi – The easiest way to stay in touch with the world. Don’t assume this is included; you need to ask if it’s available. And don’t expect speed. Just decent rates.

Kamara Hotel Pool - Battambang, Cambodia
Below you will find a list with the most important hotels and guesthouses in Battambang. To give you a better perspective and help you choose, we’ll add the number of stars for each hotel, guesthouse or hostel included here.

  • *** Phka Villa Hotel – For its central location and for the swimming pool.
  • ** Banan Hotel – For its exotic combination of traditional furniture and modern services. Renowned for their massage services.
  • *** Seng Hout Hotel – For its large lounge and spacious rooms. Close to Psar Nat Market.
  • *** The Bungalow – For its colorful alternation of colonial furniture and Khmer fabrics. A truly warm hotel.
  • *** Au Cabaret Vert – For its unmistakable style. One of the most important and imposing hotels in town.
  • ** Royal Hotel – A cheap alternative to main local attractions, with decent services.
  • ** The World Guesthouse – Great for simple tourists, who are not picky. Air-conditioning included.
  • *** Bambu Hotel – For its sundeck, and for the food.
  • n/a Monorom Guesthouse – Excellent for tourists travelling on a budget.
  • *** Golden Palace Hotel – Perfect for meetings. It features a conference room and other solutions for business people.

From the perspective of a road-runner, backpacker places are not as developed in Battambang as you’d expect and the city lacks the extreme versatility you can find in Siem Reap. On the other side, prices are approachable. In fact, if you check twice before choosing a place to stay you’ll find you can pay less for the same services or even more. So we suggest that backpackers who don’t have a fortune to spend on hotels to try two-star hostels. Their prices start from as low as $8 a night.