Accommodation in Siem Reap: Top Hotels and Guesthouses

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Due to the interest tourists all over the world have had during the past two decades in visiting Cambodia and the Temples of Angkor, Siem Reap has evolved to the point where accommodation offers are just as varied as you would expect in a big city. On one hand, they include comfort and excellent services; on the other, they can be cheap for every pocket. Read the following guide having in mind that the first solutions listed come at a steep price, whereas the last ones are more approachable.

High-End Hotels at Their Peak ($80 – $500 or more)

In the majority of cases an expensive hotel in Siem Reap will offer you just about everything you need: from basic comfort, to various special attentions, additional services, services-on-request, and even guided tours. Food is great and relaxation is implicit.

Shadow of Angkor Guesthouse

Reasonably Average Hotels in Siem Reap ($35 – $80)

At the same time, Siem Reap has a great offer as a cheaper alternative to high-end hotels. A large majority of this offer is a very complex set of hotels, guesthouses, and other residences that receive guests; for this category, we only list what we consider the best of the best. Remember that, at this level, you don’t have to fear scams.

Low Budget Guesthouses, but Decent Services ($3 – $35)

We list here everything, from good cheap family houses, hostels and B&B’s, to well-organized backpacker guesthouses. There are many, so, apart from the list below, if you want to accurately determine the quality of such a place, you need to look for reviews. But here’s what we recommend:

It is preferable to book online or on the phone, and it’s definitely not a good idea to trust people on the street telling you that they can offer a better room at a smaller price. This is not the time for savings: if you don’t afford something expensive, focus on B&B’s and family houses. If you travel alone, B&B’s are safe and not at all pricey; if you’re visiting Siem Reap with your family or friends, guesthouses are preferable.
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