Accommodation in Phnom Penh: from Simple Guesthouses to Luxurious Hotels

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Back in the twenties, one of the reasons people started to refer to Phnom Penh as the “Pearl of Asia” was its set of accommodation offers. Under the French Protectorate, Cambodians have quickly developed a particular cluster of services, which, in combination with top-class hotels opened here, led to luxury, style, and distinction.

Today, hotels in Cambodia are the inextricable sign of this tradition. In addition, they have adapted even more and added the dimension of globalization and modernization to these establishments. This is why entering a good hotel in Phnom Penh is like meeting two different worlds at once: local elegance and contemporary comfort.

Luxury and Confidence: Top Hotels in Phnom Penh ($100 – $500 or more)

Basically, top-class hotels in Phnom Penh offer everything you’d expect: a wide range of basic services, and many additional solutions, from teleconferencing to oriental baths and massage. The higher you go, the more you can expect waiters at your disposal at anytime. This is the only category where you’ll have no language problems.

  • The Quai – A postmodernist look with a splendid, eco-friendly design.
  • Intercontinental Hotel – Good services overall; a classic place in the city.
  • Cambodiana – It’s large and it has plenty of opportunities right inside the area.
  • Phnom Penh Hotel – Great suits for just about every taste.
  • Raffles Le Royal – An imposing hotel with the look and feel of a grand hôtel.


Mid-Range Hotels where Elegance is a Must ($35 – $100)

The second type of hotels comprises dozens of options. If you’re targeting such an accommodation, you should focus on services: make sure they cover all your basic needs (air-conditioning and western-style bathroom are compulsory) and check the quality of the food in the restaurant. Apart from that, choose according to style and personal tastes.

  • Scandinavia Hotel (Le Safran La Suite) – Enjoy the pool back in the garden and take advantage of their stuffed mini-bars.
  • The Pavilion – Superb furniture in a commodious setting. This hotel looks more… Khmer than the city itself.
  • Hotel Luxury World – Life music down at the restaurant. Smart rooms with plenty of accessories.
  • Hotel Cara – Large suits and an astonishing lobby. Great for families.
  • Blue Lime – A particular combination of minimalist furnishing and exotic services.

Budget Solutions: Decent and Civilized Guesthouses ($3 – $30)

Phnom Penh can easily accommodate people visiting Cambodia on a budget. Don’t expect full privacy, and check for air-con and hot water. However, most of the budget guesthouses in Phnom Penh are truly great if you don’t need a dozen pillows for a good sleep. In fact, it’s a matter of interpretation: once the basics are covered and you have your own bathroom with running water, clean sheets, and even a TV for the evening time, the rest is not really necessary, as you’ll be most of your day out anyway.

  • Chiva’s Shack Guesthouse – For only $7 a night you get a decent bed and good services.
  • Lazy Gecko Guesthouse – Apart from smart rooms, they also feature a really nice restaurant.
  • Floating Island – Nice rooms and an excellent location. Popular among European young people.
  • Sunday Guesthouse – Just perfect. Nice, flexible staff and first-rate services.

Swimming pool at night at Blue Lime Hotel, Phnom Penh