Accommodation in Sihanoukville: Top Hotels, Guesthouses and Bungalows

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There are two types of accommodation in Sihanoukville. Most of the options are suitable for mid-range visitors, with an eye for basic comfort and second thoughts when they need to pay more than $35 a night for one room. This sum is actually the limit between decent and exquisite.

If you plan to find a good hotel in the area and you want something cheap, the best thing to do is to search from this sum down. The lower you go the more options become unavailable. At this stage, you need to remember that you do need air conditioning and running water and this is not the place to save money: both these commodities are necessary and should not be considered a luxury, due to the high temperatures recorded in Sihanoukville.

On the other side, if you go beyond $35 a night you encounter a very different set of services. Even if Sihanoukville is not the proper place for lavishness and comfort, four-star villas are still available, with plenty of interesting options that can keep you inside the ensemble for more than one day: swimming pool, massage, spa, etc.

It’s very easy to commute from town to beaches, so you shouldn’t worry very much about the location of your hotel, hostel or guesthouse, be it on the beach or in the city centre. Please note that during season, you need to book in advance, just to avoid getting there and finding no free rooms.
Independence Hotel, Sihanoukville

Luxury Lifestyle: Top Hotels in Sihanoukville ($35 – $300 or more)

There’s a big difference between an $80 room and a $300 suite. In other words, luxury is a very relative word. Before you book, check every single detail you care about, just to be sure you don’t end up interpreting comfort differently than people in Sihanoukville. But rest assured you’ll get all the attention you want. Cambodians do know how to treat their guests.

  • Reef Resort – For its comfortable rooms and excellent breakfasts.
  • Sokha Beach Resort – An outstanding hotel with plenty of rooms and large, spacious suits.
  • Independence Hotel – For its superb indoor swimming pool and for the great view you get from your balcony.
  • New Sea View Villa – Luxury at its peak; superb services and a special architecture.

Best Budget Hotels and Guesthouses in Sihanoukville ($3 – $35)

This category encompasses hotels much more approachable in terms of price. You’ve got many options and most of them are really decent as far as commodities and food are concerned. From this perspective, our list is merely a selection of places we like to consider the best. But the list is open, considering that new, interesting hotels show up every year in and around Sihanoukville.

  • Coasters – For a spectacular collection of good rooms with a particularly beautiful view.
  • Le Jardin aux Hibiscus – We loved the personnel and the clean rooms at this hotel, located so close to the beach.
  • Savannphoum – Great services for the price and a nice selection of Khmer specialties.
  • Diamond Guesthouse – One of the best deals in town if you want air-con and running water.
  • Malibu Beach Hotel – A good solution if you’re looking for nightlife and bars close to your location.

Tree Tops guesthouse.