Review of Bambu Hotel, Battambang, Cambodia

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They say comfort comes at a price, but this is only partially true for Bambu Hotel: considering the amenities, prices are rather reasonable. In other words, if you want to experience what do Cambodians understand when they say comfort and luxury, this hotel is an excellent place to start from.

From your private balcony / terrace, you will see a simple, yet large and elegant pool surrounded by vegetation and sun beds. This sense of balance persists in the rooms, where everything is calibrated according to natural light. Needless to say, the services and facilities here are great. Bambu Hotel is a really nice place and this is proven by the large numbers of tourists who come back here after their first visit.

The Good

  • Luxurious suits with a discreet and elegant design;
  • Full list of services;
  • Flexible, proactive staff;
  • Excellent restaurant.

The Bad

  • Rooms are not soundproof and this can be particularly annoying if you get some noisy neighbors;
  • Mosquitoes (especially before and during the rainy season). However, this is intrinsic to all hotels featuring a pool.