The Invigorating Cuisine of Battambang: Top Restaurants

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Eating is the least of problems in Battambang. The offer is quite extensive considering that the city is not considered the first attraction in the country. Its special geographical position, encompassing three different influences (Thai, Cambodian, and French) has led to the development of an assorted cuisine that is both focused on traditional dishes and interested in merging different styles into one single identity. Most restaurants in Battambang are the living proof of this principle.

Zesty, Fresh, or Mildly Spicy

This type of food can be seen as Khmer dishes with a Thai twist. Fish amok with lemon pepper, fried chicken with ginger, black cumin, and hot white sauce, and the list keeps going. Here are our top traditional restaurants, in no order of preference:

  • Nary Kitchen – For its flavored main courses and for the deserts;
  • Bamboo Train – For the light integration of international cuisine in local dishes;
  • La Villa – For its authentic dishes in a colonial building;
  • Smokin’ Pot – For the great variety of foods and for the prices;
  • The Colonial – For the chef’s intuition on mixing local meat dishes to the western taste.

From White Rose Restaurant

From Foie Gras to Chinese Noodle Soups

Another set of restaurants are focused on one particular cuisine. Even if they are not the only ones in town, French and Chinese cuisines lead the way, with more than a dozen dedicated eateries each.

  • Pomme d’Amour – The name suggests strictly French style, but they are open to fusion cuisine.
  • Vegetarian Foods Restaurant – This is mainly a Chinese restaurant with a superb variety of vegetarian salads and soups.
  • Au Cabaret Vert – A sophisticated French restaurant for the connoisseurs.
  • Chinese Noodle Restaurant – Simple dishes at good prices.
  • Madison Corner – One of the most energetic places in the city.

The Comfort and Speed of International Foods

These restaurants focus on providing good services at reasonable costs. In this category, most of the eating places will advertise international food, even if some do offer Cambodian, French or Asian dishes. Choose according to price ($5-$10 – decent food, $15-$25 – decent wine), but keep an eye on the specialty of the house. Some of these dishes may have a great impact on you. Here’s what you can trust:

  • Riverside night market – A complex of small eateries you should try in the evening time.
  • Fresh Eats Café – Western dishes and European breakfasts. You can go there if you want to take a break from the Cambodian food.
  • The Bus Stop Guesthouse – Very popular among tourists for their transparent process and simple, yet tasty food.
  • San Long International Bakery – A self-catering place where you can eat good breads, baguettes, pâtés, etc.
  • The Bungalow Restaurant – A great place to have a fast brunch.
  • Pancake House – Mainly European food, including pizza varieties.

Finally, one tip: if you think you’ve found a good place to eat, don’t stick to it, and keep looking. It’s highly possible to find a better restaurant behind the corner or a café that suits your tastes better.
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