What to do in Northwestern Cambodia: Battambang in 1, 2, 3 or 7 Days

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There are many possibilities to learn and be entertained in Battambang and it’s wise to make a plan before arriving here. Some places shouldn’t be missed and, because of that, you should include them regardless the time period you’re going to spend in the city. Other attractions are optional, and others are simply contextual, if you have spare time and don’t know what to do with it. Check out these four itineraries:

1-Day Stay in Battambang

  • Morning: Spend the morning visiting Phnom Banan, near the city.
  • Afternoon: Take a short trip with the local norry and meet local people.
  • Evening: Enjoy a cup of tea in one of Battambang’s superb colonial cafés.

2-Day Stay in Northwestern Cambodia

  • 1st day
    • Get to know the city and its peculiar urban plan. Shoot photos of Sangrek River.
    • Spend the afternoon and evening visiting Phnom Sampeau.
  • 2nd day
    • Sightseeing at Tonlé Sap.
    • Visit the Battambang Museum. If time allows it, visit Visit Sammaki Art Space.

Postcards From Cambodia

Itinerary fo a 3-Day Stay

  • 1st day
    • Short visit at Phnom Sampeau.
    • Try traditional Khmer food at Smokin’ Pot.
  • 2nd day
    • Take photos of the Floating Village, at Tonlé Sap Lake
    • Visit the Governor’s House and enjoy a walk on the streets of Battambang.
  • 3rd day
    • Enjoy a show of the Battambang Circus.
    • Visit Wat Tahm-rai-saw (White Elephant Pagoda).

7-Day Stay in Battambang and around the Tonlé Sap Lake

  • 1st day
    • Visit the city; see the main streets and have a lunch at one of the many traditional restaurants in town.
    • The first visit to Tonlé Sap. Learn about fishing and local Khmer traditions
  • 2nd day
    • The second visit to Tonlé Sap. Include a short stop at the Floating Village.
    • Visit local temples in the city (Wat Samrong Knong and Wat Gahndahl).
  • 3rd day
    • Rent a quad to visit Ba Set village.
    • Enjoy an evening out. Choose from a wide variety of local bars and sophisticated clubs.
  • 4th day
    • Full-day trip to Phnom Sampeau. On your way back, stop and visit Phnom Banan.
  • 5th day
    • See the Abandoned Pepsi Factory in the city, a local attraction with a specific charm.
    • Have an oriental massage back at the hotel.
  • 6th day
    • Khmer cooking classes, followed by a walk in town, and a second round of classes. In less than a day you can learn the basics of Cambodian cuisine directly from local experts. Don’t miss this opportunity.
  • 7th day
    • Trip to Boeng Kam Pinh Puoy, a resort close to Battambang, renowned for its superb setting.
    • Try cafés featuring the French colonial style. We suggest green tea and Khmer cookies.

khmer food
Remember, this is not Siem Reap. The number of important attractions is thus limited to a certain degree; if you want to make sure you cover everything relevant, you need to study your itinerary before. Don’t take into account additional hours for any of the places in Battambang; the city is rather compact and it has a very comprehensive plan. However, for the rest of the places (e.g. Phnom Sampeau), add from two to four hours for the ride. Doing so ensures you have enough time to see the temples and enjoy the trip without being in a rush.