Review of Chhaya Hotel, Battambang, Cambodia

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Once you get in Chhaya Hotel you notice the propensity of modern facilities and accessories. Tourists with a taste for local attractions should probably reconsider their options, as the hotel is not focused on Khmer architecture or Cambodian furniture and decorations; however, services are excellent and fast.

Chhaya Hotel is well located, right in the middle of the city and, thus, it offers quick access to places of interest in the city center. A particularly interesting option here is that they cook on request, which makes you feel home and welcomed. This, corroborated with the large rooms and spacious lobby, renders a warm context.


  • Plenty of room options. However, you should book in advance if you want specific things in your room, just to make sure they still have them when you get there.
  • Clean bathrooms;
  • Great prices, considering the amenities;
  • A great view of the city.

  • Staff is rather indifferent and, sometimes, ill-informed;
  • Lack of style.
  • Chhaya Hotel is therefore perfect for tourists travelling on a budget, who are more interested in seeing the city than in enjoying local services back in the hotel room.

Hotel Chhaya