Ferries, Island Adventures, and Khmer Dishes: Entertainment in Sihanoukville

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Most people come to Sihanoukville being attracted by the superb beaches this resort offers. But if you want to taste it all, you need to go a little bit beyond the main attractions advertised for tourists and check other options. If, by any means, you’ve gotten the impression that this is a place with limited potential, you’re terribly wrong. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: you can do most of the things related to the civilized world and still have enough space for local attractions.

When it comes to entertainment, you should divide your time between three types of activities: sun bathing, visiting, and enjoying local bars, clubs, and restaurants. The first is compulsory, provided that you don’t hate the sun. Visiting is optional, of course, but it can turn out really nice if you know where to go and what to see. As for eating and drinking, respect one single rule: variety is the key of enriching your experience.

Beaches Full of Charm and Color

Most of the beaches near Sihanoukville are nice, but some of them are truly spectacular. Expect a combination of clear water (it’s generally turquoise, but it can get deep blue before the monsoon) and vegetation so close to the beach that it feels cozy and exotic at the same time.

  • Sokha Beach – This is the most popular beach and it’s really a great place to get tanned.
  • Independence Beach – This one is ideal for combining comfort with basic beach attractions, like water sports and terraces located nearby.
  • Ochheuteal Beach – Smooth sand and plenty of sun until late in the day.

'Nothing Beats a Cool Ocean Breeze', Cambodia, Sihanoukville, Serendipity Beach

Take a Boat and Have Fun

There are many places you should visit here, but if you want to focus on entertaining landmarks you need to visit a few tropical islands near the coast. While this may prove a time-consuming experience, you’ll soon learn that it’s rewarding and appealing. Take your camera with you; this is the perfect place to shoot photos.

Fishing villages located near Sihanoukville are also a must-see. We suggest Tumnuk Rolok, for its unobtrusive beauty, for its colors and, last but not least, for the incredible way it integrates in the nature that surrounds it. It’s the perfect example of how Khmers relate to water.

Drinks and Specialties for a Lifetime

At first, you’ll find the menus of restaurants and bars in Sihanoukville limited and tourist-oriented. That’s because you didn’t take a close look in the first place. Most of the terraces here advertise common stuff. Read the whole menu to discover really special fresh lime dishes or beautifully colored cocktails. Here are a few places you should try:

  • La Paillote – People consider this restaurant as one of the best in the country.
  • Captain Morgan – It’s open until late at night. Good music, great long drinks.
  • Riverside Balcony Bar – Popular among tourists and local people altogether.
  • La Reserve Sihanoukville – A French-oriented restaurant with excellent specialties.
  • Sky Disco – They have a nice selection of what we would call pop music and soft rock. Great for young people looking for fun and some dance.

SihanoukVille's beach at night...