Review of Garden Village Guesthouse, Siem Reap, Cambodia

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The rustic décor at Garden Village Guesthouse is welcoming and warm. For $6 a night you get a clean bed and access to basic amenities. Considering the conditions here, one may very well say this is a good solution for backpackers and light travelers who don’t want to spend a lot on accommodation.

Owners seem focused on flexible tourists, who need wireless internet connection and instant booking. Their versatility in terms of both services and extra options is commendable, given the room rates they advertise. On the other hand, small rates followed by no tips may reveal a different side of the Cambodian personnel, who can be completely indifferent, shy, or even rude. As long as you treat them well, they will treat you well in return, but that’s just about all you can get.


  • Excellent prices;
  • Good location, considering the price.


  • Tourists complain about bed bugs;
  • The staff is not always helpful or trustful;
  • Rooms are not always clean, but this is a relative term, which can vary a lot according to each tourist. However, there have been cases of customers complaining about footprint on their bed sheets.

Siem Reap: Garden Village guesthouse