Review of Golden Temple Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia

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At Golden Temple Hotel, you will find the smartest combination of modern, minimalist accessories and Khmer insertions. From this perspective, it is the best option for tourists who want to experience the nice part of Cambodia both outside and inside the hotel. It’s fancy, yet discreet, it’s modern, yet you can feel the touch of French colonialism.

Moreover, the interior decorators at Golden Temple Hotel don’t stop after choosing an exquisite color scheme; they make sure they integrate functionality in the context, so that you won’t get overwhelmed by useless decorations.

One meal at Golden Temple restaurant will give you an idea about how Cambodian cuisine can get really special. Prices are a bit steep, but you get what you’re paying for: elegance and attention to detail.

Advertising an impressive list of amenities, there are not many negative things one could say about this hotel, and one thing is certain: even if you won’t be fully satisfied (given that you won’t be able to solve a potential contextual problem), you can’t get wrong if you book here. And don’t forget to ask for a room with a 32’’ LCD TV.

Golden Temple Hotel, Siem Reap