Review of Holiday Hotel, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

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Located close to Serendipity beach (within a 5-minute walk), Holiday Hotel consists of two separate buildings. Prices are a little higher in the newer building, but everything’s up to $25, plus $2 for air conditioning.

What to expect at the Holiday Hotel:

Prices include a very simple breakfast buffet (egg and soldiers, scrambled eggs, bread and butter and jam, rice and noodles, coffee and tea). Perhaps too simple!

A lot of indoor space! They have huge rooms, and everything is fairly clean. There is something in the rooms that makes you think you are in a hospital or a pharmacy; possibly, it’s just the lack of color and the bath-like tiles on the walls. Windows have metal bars, probably for safety issues. Otherwise, good value for the money.

Some guests complain about bathroom facilities. The truth is some of the bathrooms could use some repairs, while others are just nice as they are.

The hotel also offers business center services and includes several conference halls (a large room that can accommodate up to 200 people and a classroom-sized room). These halls have chairs and tables and some presentation panels that would serve their purpose, but don’t expect anything too fancy.