Review of Hotel 89, Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Hotel 89 is a good choice if you don’t really care for style and ultimate elegance: the place is nice, clean, and it does have identity, even if most of the furniture and decorations seem simple and straightforward.

The good thing at Hotel 89 is their excellent adaptive services. It’s the type of hotel where rules seem rather general guidelines and you soon come to appreciate this fact: the staff is eager to help you and very efficient when you ask them to help you with specific things, like getting a ticket or finding information about a certain place in town. The combination of friendly personnel and clean rooms has earned this hotel a good reputation among tourists travelling to Cambodia.

Apart from that, their position on the map is rather good and they can help you at any time with a tuk tuk or other transportation services.

The Good Things

  • Good overall management of the hotel;
  • Clean rooms and spotless clean bathrooms;
  • Flexible offers, according to your needs.

Average Stuff

  • Noisy air-conditioning system;
  • Poor sound isolation.

Hotel 89 / $15