Review of La Résidence d’Angkor, Siem Reap, Cambodia

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If you want to see how Cambodians understand the nature of water and vegetation, book a room at La Résidence d’Angkor. The hotel is a superb combination of nice, cozy rooms and places full of spectacular vegetation. The terrace outside deserves special attention: you will be able to eat or have a drink in a truly exotic context.

Rooms are comfortable and they remind of colonial interior design, with old-style lamps, wooden buffets, and very large beds. Private balconies are a nice addition to any room you decide to book, from deluxe riverside rooms, to Résidence suites.

The staff working at La Résidence d’Angkor is truly professional. This doesn’t limit however to standard services; they are able to adapt, discuss possible matters with you, and come up with a functional solution. When it comes to regular jobs, they’re fast, effective, and good communicators. All in all, the personnel here deserve all the praises.

The Good

  • Excellent location and superb setting;
  • Large lobby, rooms, and terraces;
  • Perfect staff.

The Average

  • Some tourists complain about how the staff manages problems associated to the rainy season;
  • Too close to the road.

La Residence d'Angkor - The Pool