Review of La Villa, Battambang, Cambodia

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La Villa is a very cozy place, suitable for small families or for tourists in search of a discreet hotel with a lot of style. It’s precisely the interior architecture and design that strikes you when you enter the building: furniture and accessories are intended to fit in the context, rather than being overly comfortable: doors with peculiar form, beds with lovely canopies, everything fits.

Peace is the word of order in La Villa. As opposed to other places in Battambang in particular and Cambodia in general, there isn’t much noise in this colonial building, and you can easily enjoy a quiet afternoon here. In addition, the prices are quite reasonable, especially from April to October.

The Good

  • Splendid setting with narrative rooms and many interesting accessories;
  • A beautiful pool in the backyard;
  • Good location and parking options.

The Not-so-Good

  • Services are not what you’d call top class;
  • People interested in modern services may consider this place short on services.
  • Tourists who decide to stay at La Villa shouldn’t avoid breakfast or dinner. Food is really spectacular and is served in an atmospheric dining room you won’t forget soon.