Review of Malibu Bungalows, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

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Malibu Bungalows, close to Sokha Beach, consist of nice but a little pricey guesthouses with a beach view. The bungalows with aromatic names: Ginger, Lemongrass, Papaya, Rhum, etc., have private terraces and are quite spacious, well lighted and pleasant. A branch of Malibu Beach Hotel, the “village” of Malibu Bungalows does have a lot of potential, even for something more than mid-class accommodations.

You may choose between either wood or concrete bungalows. Concrete bungalows are preferable, even if the prices are more expensive. Our recommendations go for the posh and somewhat larger Swiss house, Calypso and Casalina, where the decorations are particularly nice.

Price range: between $40 and $100+

Great things about Malibu Bungalows:

  • romantic setting, with abundant vegetation, spectacular terraces, and obvious care for creating an impression and setting a mood
  • spacious rooms with large colonial windows, huge beds, and a touch of color
  • excellent, secluded private beach

Guests express dissatisfaction about:

  • aircon issues
  • confined bathrooms, compared to the size of the rooms
  • bad TV signal
  • slow Wi-Fi
  • very simple food (breakfast)
  • the place lacking proper maintenance
  • overpriced rooms
  • termites, mosquitoes, etc.