Review of Nagaworld Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Nagaworld Hotel is the perfect solution for the young and restless. Featuring a full-size casino and plenty of other attractions, like meeting packages, meeting facilities, Aristocrat and Cigar Bar, and club 88, it is one of the best solutions in town if you intend to spend your time in Phnom Penh in an active manner (i.e. gambling).

Rooms are clean and cozy, but we’ve seen larger rooms for similar prices. However, the place is clean and the staff is professional: most of them will be able to answer to simple English questions; they can assist you if you need contextual information; and they won’t ignore you if you have a problem during your stay.

We recommend the relaxation center, where you have access to spa services, pool, gym, and lounge. The entire complex is designed as a full-featured building, regardless of your needs or special requests.

The good things

  • Rooms and bathrooms are clean;
  • Room service is fast and accurate;
  • You can personalize your needs to a certain point.

The average things

  • Tourists complain about cigar smoke in the lobby;
  • It lacks the Khmer specific;
  • Some rooms are noisy, depending on location.