Review of Okay Guesthouse, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Okay Guesthouse is a cheap place. You can have a single room with cold shower for as little as $6. You get a room with four beds, air conditioning, hot shower and TV for $20.

Even if owners do their best to keep the place up to the standards you can find at other similar places, there have been complaints about noise and hygiene here. But if you’re a well organized tourist and you’re not interested in staying in the room during your trip to Cambodia, these issues are rather minor. To some extent, the price speaks for itself here.

The place where you eat at Okay Guesthouse is rather jolly and most of the high season is filled with backpackers all across the world. The atmosphere is nice, and you can spend lovely evenings chatting at these tables and drinking local beverages.

The good things

  • Inexpensive rooms with minimal accessories at a reasonable price;
  • Reasonable food at the restaurant.

The bad

  • Rooms and bathrooms are too small;
  • The hostel is not located in a central position;
  • Some rooms are noisy and don’t have air-conditioning.

Phnom Penh - Okay Guesthouse