Review of Orchidée Guesthouse, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

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Orchidée Guesthouse is a quiet hotel close to Ochheuteal beach in Sihanoukville (5-minute walk to the beach), situated near the Golden Lions. It consists of about 70 guest rooms and a meeting room.

Prices: under $50 per room

Good reasons to book a room at Orchidée Guesthouse:

  • friendly and professional stuff
  • decent breakfast buffet, good restaurant with plenty of seafood and other specialties, all reasonably priced
  • clean and spacious rooms
  • nice and clean swimming pool
  • cable TV, air conditioning, Wi-Fi
  • cheap bike rentals

Things the guests at Orchidée Guesthouse don’t appreciate:

  • there are metal bars at some of the windows, and barbed wire along the 3 meters high walls, apparently for security issues that are now covered by the guards; still, these items have remained in place.
  • the rooms will not be cleaned unless you give your key to the stuff (reception)
  • some guests reported bathroom facilities issues
  • disagreeable smell in rooms and/or bathrooms
  • internet connectivity issues

Our tip: There are better options at Orchidée Guesthouse than the rooms around the swimming-pool, which are smaller, less quiet accommodations and guest often complain about a musty smell.