Review of Pacific Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Pacific Hotel is a large establishment where you will find most of the facilities common in what’s internationally considered middle-range hotels. Rooms are large and comfortable, they have huge beds and plenty of space and accessories to make you feel at ease and welcomed.

The good thing at Pacific Hotel is that you can choose from a wide range of options and variables (such as position of the room in the complex, type of room, degree of luxury, etc.). As far as amenities are concerned, you won’t have big surprises: the personnel are used to handle particular situations with professionalism.

It should be remarked that the hotel features a splendid pool in a very quiet setting and Ananda Spa, where you can benefit from a full list of body care services. Also, dining here feels rather cozy, considering the size of this hotel. Same goes for the pool bar, where you can have a late night snack if you wish.

Good Things

  • Professional staff to assist you;
  • Services carried out with great care for each client in particular.

Average Things

  • Rooms feel impersonal, even if they have a warm look;
  • Some overpriced services.

Pacific Hotel