Review of Phnom Penh Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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The great thing about the Phnom Penh Hotel is the extended list of possibilities when it comes to choosing your room. This hotel features anything from average single rooms with basic amenities to full-option royal apartments. At the Phnom Penh Hotel you’ll get the feeling that furniture and accessories are in excess.

The interior decorators’ creativity has transformed the rooms from rendering the impression of a standard suite to suggesting diversity and elegance. However, a close look, and you’ll soon notice that there’s almost nothing really personalized here, just intuitively integrated in the context.

The Good

  • Professional services with staff ready to assist you;
  • Great food and plenty of options you can choose from;
  • Optional services (lounge, club) are available;
  • Commodious lobby, cafés, and restaurants;
  • Private rooms available for meetings and events.

The Not-so-Good

  • In some rooms, furniture needs a general upgrade;
  • Rooms are small as compared to their counterparts at other hotels of the same class;
  • Location is not central.
  • Even considering its minuses, Phnom Penh Hotel is still one of the most interesting options here, irrespective of the purpose of your visit in Cambodia.