Review of Seng Hout Hotel, Battambang, Cambodia

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Seng Hout Hotel is located in a new construction and this is something you’ll soon notice after arriving here: everything works. This detail is quite relevant in a country where you can effortlessly find rooms where something doesn’t function right.

Seng Hout Hotel is not the most exquisite solution (modern, simple furniture, straightforward food, reasonable services), but it definitely is a good option and the prices are excellent. Here are the most important things you need to know about this hotel:

The Great

  • Staff is friendly and easy to get along with;
  • Very clean hotel, irrespective of the type of room you book;
  • Nice bar on the rooftop.

The Moderate

  • Rather impersonal; it lacks any identity and is not suitable for tourists who want to have a feeling of the place when they get back in the room in the evening time.
  • There are rooms where additional services are limited (e.g. you get the fan, but you don’t get hot water).

The Bad

  • Bathrooms are rather small, as compared to other similar locations in town.
  • Some clients complain about the food.