How to Make the Most of Sihanoukville: Top Activities

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Due to the specific of this area, focused on beaches, you should split your activities between the places regular tourists would visit, sun baths, and, last but not least, special activities. Acting in such a manner would bring you benefits, because you’ll be able to see many local attractions in a relatively short time and still have enough hours of complete relaxation.

First, the Land

Some areas may not seem particularly special in the first place and this is the main reason why you shouldn’t let yourself guided by local brochures. Remember that such flyers, instead of being an objective account of the landmarks, describe what local people or companies think is impressive for a foreigner. You should rather focus on a few elements that can ensure a pleasurable experience in a comfortable way.

  • Visit Koh Kong Bridge. This is a nice piece of architecture, very important in the area for increasing the touristic flow to and from Thailand.
  • See Kampong Pier Nup Lok. The old fishing port can give you a clear perspective on how life was here thirty to forty years ago.
  • Gamble at Holiday Palace Casino, one of the main attractions of the area as far as nightlife is concerned.
  • See Wat Kraom, a local Buddhist temple.
  • Visit Wat Leu, for its spectacular elephant-focused architecture.
  • Spend a day at Ream National Park.

"Why are these Houses on Stilts?" Cambodia, Kampong Kleng
There are at least two other options that deserve your attention: cooking classes and dance. You should consider Khmer cooking classes having in mind that this is a good place to taste strange foods. You can learn more about general Asian cuisine (should such a term not be too vast) or gain knowledge of Cambodian specialties. These courses are not expensive and they’re pretty much fun. Dancing, on the other side, is great for the young. Choose between local discos, karaoke bars, and even a small selection of elegant clubs.

…and then the Water

When it comes to water, Sihanoukville is endless. You can literally visit one fishing village after another, go scuba diving, or simply enjoy a walk on the beach. In other words, you can alternate between exploring underwater landscapes and discovering the colors the area exhibits above the water level.

  • Visit Koh Russei, the bamboo island, a spectacular place with distinctly clear water.
  • Spend a day on the Ochheuteal Beach. It’s one of the best beaches in the region; always colorful and joyful.
  • Go snorkeling and scuba diving. Even if both these sports can be done in most of the places around Sihanoukville, we recommend contacting Island Divers for the best guidance.
  • Shoot photos of the fishing villages around Sihanoukville. If you want to take advantage of a special light, do this at sunset. The life in these villages becomes somehow more intense at these hours making the entire setting simply astonishing.
  • Jet skiing and banana boats are options for those interested in taking the adventure to the limits. The beaches recommended for these activities are Ochheuteal and Ostress. However, make sure you only practice these sports within the designated areas.

Sihanoukville (Cambodia) - Bamboo Island