Eating at the Seaside in Sihanoukville: Top Restaurants

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The places you can eat in Sihanoukville are neither as diverse nor as fascinating as their counterparts in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. However, considering the area, you may say the offer is rather extensive as compared to other resorts of a similar size. In fact, you can taste from many cuisines or try what local people here consider international food.

In Sihanoukville, there are three main types of restaurants: Khmer, French, and Vietnamese. Food stalls with a Cambodian twist often include in their offer a mixture of international dishes for those interested in something classic. The French and Vietnamese eateries, on the other hand, are rather focused on ethnic-specific foods.

We have made a selection with the most important and appealing restaurants and terraces in Sihanoukville, having in mind a regular tourist interested to eat well whilst experiencing some local varieties. Most of these places modify their menu before the beginning of a new season. This means that, even if you won’t find exactly the dishes mentioned here (or on other brochures you may come across), you’ll surely get something very similar to that.

  • Grand Restaurant Kampuchea – For its Asian specialties, including one big serving of coconut curry chicken.
  • Indian Curry Pot – A nice selection of Indian foods. Vegetarian-friendly.
  • Happa – You can try Japanese raw fish specialties, served with local spices.
  • Holy Cow – Take a break from Asian food and enjoy a good sandwich.
  • Starfish Bakery – Western food presented in a very calm and relaxing setting.
  • La Paillote – This is the perfect place to see how French dishes and Khmer tastes blend into one single identity.
  • Noh Kor Phnom – Specializes in seafood and has a very extensive offer.
  • Same Same But Different – Focused on tourists travelling on a budget, the restaurant serves good food at affordable prices. Great omelets and pizza.
  • Happy Herb Pizza – Just like other Italian restaurants in the country, this one makes use of fresh herbs to spice up various types of pizza.
  • Treasure Island Restaurant – Great for its seafood. The Hong Kong style.
  • Maharajah – Similar to its sister restaurants: an excellent Indian menu with literally thousands of possible combinations.

If you don’t like fish, you can still find plenty of solutions in Sihanoukville. However, don’t start with the wrong foot and do try local specialties. The peculiar use of fresh spices turns fish recipes here into unique dishes you may very much like, even if you hate canned tuna back home.

And one more advice: many restaurants in the area advertise one cuisine because they know people are accustomed to choose a place to eat based on a specific set of dishes. However, if you’re creative enough, you may find great combinations in many eateries in town. To do this you need to speak a little bit of French, because sellers’ knowledge of English is rather limited and they won’t be able to serve you well if you ask specific things in English. A few French words can open many gates instead. Can I get some more kaffir lime on my grilled barracuda?
Our fave restaurant, The Bayon, for breakkie & dinner!. Sihanoukville