Review of The Quai Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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The Quai Hotel is an expensive option, where you can enjoy the benefits of modern accessories and style, whilst feeling the specific Cambodian spirit in the air. Rooms start from $85, but you get quite a lot for the price: apart from staying in a commodious apartment, with top-notch finishing and design, the list of services is complete.

Enjoying a coffee at the bar, admiring the city from a panorama terrace ($130 and up) or tasting the mix of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine you will find at the restaurant are all possible if you can afford it. The higher you go with the price per night, the more specific options you get.

The Good

  • Friendly staff with good language skills;
  • BBQ evenings on the roof;
  • Bathrooms are spotless clean, if not sterile;
  • Stylish, minimalistic rooms for every taste.

The Bad

  • Service is standard, if not impersonal;
  • Every now and then, tourists complain of inflexible services;
  • All in all, The Quai Hotel is a good option if money is not an issue and you want to experience both the comfort of the civilized world and the Phnom Penh highlife.

The Quai hotel, Phnom Penh