Review of The Tanei Guesthouse, Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Most of the things you will find in a room at The Tanei Guesthouse are standard and functional. Owners have inserted Khmer decorations to better suggest the local spirit and to create the fascination of an exotic place. Rooms are clean, although a bit impersonal, but they come at a great price. You can stay there with as little as $15 a night and still take advantage of air-conditioning.

The Tanei Guesthouse features, apart from basic amenities, a few interesting options, like free bicycle at request, Jacuzzi, and excellent cocktails at the bar. Food here is great, and you may very well end up serving dinner here one evening after another. If you’re not after night life, this is an important aspect, because you don’t have to get in the town to eat after a full day out.


  • Nice pool in the backyard;
  • Excellent specialties at the restaurant;
  • Flexible staff, ready to assist;
  • The personnel have good English skills.


  • Bathrooms are small and seem overused;
  • Some clients reported problems with online booking.

swimming pool at Tanei guesthouse at Siem Reap