What to Pack When Traveling to Cambodia

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Cambodia, though having trails of bloodshed, misery and poverty visible in its history is yet inspiring in so many ways. Many people travel to Cambodia each year to dig out the lost treasures of this land. Traveling up to the Angkor Wat is one of the must stops of Cambodia, along with Tuol Sleng, a dark and dingy historical prison. It is claimed that the very first glimpse of Angkor Wat will make you stand in awe. However, before traveling to this country, there are several things you must make up your mind for – make sure you are packed according to the season you are traveling in. Other than that, make sure you take a lot of padlocks for security reasons. Other traveling items that you might require can be purchased from kaymu. Following is a list of things you should pack up:

Bags & Luggage:

Bags & Luggage

It is best to travel light when going to Cambodia. However, you must keep a backpack or a hand carry, because most of the time you won’t be able to go around with your luggage. Mostly people travel in public busses, boats or tuk tuk within the country, hence keep a bag that is the most convenient to carry.

Clothes & Shoes:

Clothes & Shoes

Next thing on your checklist should be weather-appropriate clothes. One thing you must know is that you needn’t stuff your bag with too many clothes while coming to Cambodia, since you can get them washed at laundry at very cheap rates and can even purchase new ones at cheaper rates. Usually, packing flip-flops will do, however if you plan to come during the rainy season, you must keep shoes that are strong and water-resistant. You will also need to cover your shoulders, knees and feet when you visit the temples of Cambodia.

Medicine & Toiletries:

In your hand carry, don’t forget to keep wet wipes, toilet papers, some basic drugs, especially diarrhea medicine. Another thing you absolutely shouldn’t forget is packing mosquito repellent, especially if you plan to go for hiking and camping.

Photography and Outdoor Gear:

Photography and Outdoor Gear

You must have lots of space in your camera because you will want to take plenty of pictures, as there are many spots worth photography that you will visit within Cambodia. Other than that, if you plan to swim or camp, make sure you pack your swimming suit and your own snorkeling gear, as you won’t find any good gear in the country. Also, keep raincoat in your daypack in case it starts raining during your travels.

Other Items:

Other items that you must carry include an umbrella for when it rains, or to save yourself from the scorching sun. Having a map of Cambodia in either your cellphone or as a hard copy will be a great idea. Sunglasses, hats, sunblock, toothbrush and paste, flashlight, small towel and if you want, your own soap as well. Also something you would want to keep with you are good earplugs and music of your choice for the bus rides that are too long etc. Other than that, if you like to read, bring along some books.