Rain Umbrellas vs. Sunshades: When to Visit Cambodia

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Climate and Weather in Cambodia

Even if the climate in Cambodia is rather diverse, with at least four distinctive periods over the year, local people only consider two seasons: the wet season and the dry season. However, if you want to visit Cambodia and you haven’t decided what climate you prefer, check the table below. It describes the weather in the area roughly and it should be read contextually.

Months Basic description Detailed description
September – November WET and COOL – The weather is mild and pleasant. By October, the rains drop in intensity and frequency;- With November, weather becomes even more friendly and suitable for trips. Rains stop almost completely by the end of the month.
November – February DRY and COOL – December and January are ideal for tourism. Mild days, slightly warm, are counterbalanced by cool nights and a mild sun.
February – May DRY and HOT – From February to May it’s still dry, with rare mango showers which occur every now and then. Tourism is still possible, even if rivers and lakes exhibit their lowest levels due to drought.
May – September WET and HOT – This is when the monsoon rains begin. However, considering the high temperatures, they tend to cool the air. Humidity in the air is high, so this is the most dangerous season in terms of diseases.

Walking on the beach
Even if Cambodia doesn’t have the classic seasons you find in a temperate climate, there’s plenty of time over the year that feels absolutely fine for most people. Due to the ideal combination of air humidity, clear weather, and temperature, tourists choose this destination especially between November and January. However, consider your itinerary.

For example, if you want to visit the Northwestern part of the country, the mountains and the Angkor temples, March, April, May and even June may be an excellent solution. Conversely, visiting the beaches in Sihanoukville in February is feasible, provided that you have booked a room with air conditioning system.

Current Events in Cambodia

Here’s a list with the most important events you can attend during your stay in Cambodia:

Chaul Chnam Chen – This festival is mainly related to the Chinese New Year, but it’s also a context where Cambodian traditional dances and performances come to light. It’s colorful and full of life. (January-February)

Chaul Chnam Khmer – The Khmer New Year records a series of celebrations with a specific stress on the ethnical aspect. (April)

Pchum Ben – An essential event in Cambodia, where the past is strongly veneered, Pchum Ben is the holiday of the dead. People bring offerings to their dead, assisted by religious figures. The festivities differ a lot from one place of the country to another. (September-October)

King Sihanouk’s Birthday Celebration – This is the kind of secular celebration that brings people together. (October)

Bon Om Tuk The water festival reminds people of the ancestral relation between the Khmers and various activities and customs involving rivers and lakes. Contests and games are organized during this event. (October-November)

Angkor Festival – This international festival brings together performers from Cambodia and neighboring countries, which perform in the setting of Angkor Wat. (November-December)